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Get a Geohazard Report Before You Buy

Lending institutions and insurance companies are increasingly particular about lending and/or insuring home- and business-owners residing within, or immediately adjacent to, areas potentially susceptible to any number of natural hazards. Are you aware of where exactly your property is located? AND how it might be affected in the future by existing, or changing, natural hazard conditions?

Better Decisions Come with Insight

Our geohazard assessments can provide you with advance insights into any potential and unforeseen hazard that may affect your property and well-being. After all, forewarned is forearmed, right?

The best possible decision you can make is an informed one. Our geological property reports can steer you towards making the right preparation for your future.

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We are completely focused on providing qualified and cost-effective property specific assessments of potential geohazard threats (i.e. wave inundation and flooding, erosion, landslides and rock-falls) that may adversely affect the value of your existing property and/or property you’re intending to purchase.

Geohazard Assessment across New Zealand-Aotearoa

Based in Auckland, we have region-wide experience but can equally provide quick and affordable assessments in any area of New Zealand with an emphasis on reliably identifying your exposure to any natural hazard that may potentially compromise the value of your property and your well-being. We can provide a full property report outlining your potential exposure to any geological hazard. We assess coastal erosion and slope stability as well as define the location of active fault lines. We also conduct detailed soil mapping to optimize the ultilisation of your land for horticulture and/or viticulture.

Site Specific Assessment is Fundamental

Its always a good idea to have a knowledgeable and experienced set of eyes on the ground evaluating the variabilities that could influence the likelihood of a hazardous event affecting your property in your future.

Let us help you to stay firmly grounded and make sound decisions about where you ultimately want to put down your roots. We can evaluate the type, extent and magnitude of any geohazard potentially present on your piece of New Zealand-Aotearoa.

What Our Geoconsultants Can Do for You …

Identify possible coastal erosion issues whether you are situated on a beach frontage or located on a cliff-top.


Conduct detailed soil mapping for horticultural and/or viticultural land-use development.


Identify, delineate and characterise fault structures and assess slope stability.